The Wilson Shift 99L tennis racket unveils its revolutionary spin! This new spin will allow you to dominate each and every stroke, maintaining maximum control while taking full advantage of the power offered by the Shift. The result? A perfect model for controlled power and maximum spin. In terms of design, you'll find a pearly white base whose color changes to sky blue and pastel pink depending on the light.

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Achieve the ultimate balance of spin and controllable power with the Wilson Shift 99
Pro V1 tennis racket. Ideal for experienced players who prefer a medium-heavyweight frame and are looking at add spin to their game. The Shift 99 Pro includes a dense string pattern and bending profile built to be stable, yet laterally flexible to produce devastating spin while maintaining control. A first of its kind, the Shift V1 collection was built and refined via player feedback from all over the world. Add in the plant-based materials used throughout the end cap and bumper, this racket will bring your game to the next level.


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