Babolat Pure Strike VS

Are you a keen tennis player who is looking to achieve extreme control as well as ultimate precision in their shots? Why not switch to the Pure Strike VS to play quickly and take control of your game. Although this is one of the heavier models in the Pure Strike franchise the head light balance keeps it fast, making it great for whipping up spin, flicking shots on the run or staying active at net. For 2022 Babolat updates the Pure Strike VS with a leather grip, giving it a more classic feel with greater ball feedback.

Colour: Chrome Red / White

Product Details

Control – Playing the ball early and taking risks requires absolute control of the trajectory. The Pure Strike VS, with its 626 cm² head and the 16/20 stringing pattern and its more flexible centre give extreme control for players looking for security without lift

Precision – What better feeling than hitting your target? Tennis requires the ultimate precision in all of your shots. With its broader head frame, the Pure Strike VS gives greater stability on impact for greater precision

Sensations – You need absolute confidence in your racquet to play your own tennis. You need a stable racquet to catch balls early, but one that also gives you a good feel of the ball for perfect sensations. The leather grip, with its legendary firmness, ensures excellent transfer of the ball’s impact for unrivalled sensations

Control Frame Technology – Developed to ensure maximum control, this technology combines the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of an elliptic beam structure

Bumper Shield – A longer, thicker bumper guard specifically designed to protect the frame and strings during frequent use

Are you looking for extreme control and ultimate precision? Switch to the Pure Strike VS and control the game. Since 1875, Babolat’s quest has been to challenge the status quo by providing the perfect answers to the most engaged and passionate players. Through expertise based on observation of the game, Babolat developed a signature with a distinguished DNA: the VS. The Pure Strike VS combines the sharp control of the Pure Strike with the ultimate precision your game demands.


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משקל (גרם): 320
אורך באינץ': 27
גודל ראש (sq): 97SQ
תרכובת: גרפיט
תבנית שזירה: 16x20
נקודת איזון: 32cm
יתרונות: שליטה מקסימלית + תחושה
טכנולוגיות: Control Frame Technology
Bumper Shield