Wilson SIX.ONE 102 Lite

he Six One Team 102 racquet is perfect for young players who are looking for their first adult racquet. The light, tolerant and powerful model will allow them to progress. The refined mat white and bright red make this model both simple and elegant.

Benefits for the Player: Manoeuvrability – Tolerance – Power

This light racquet (249 grams) with extraordinary manoeuvrability will be ideal for young players or adults who are looking for comfort. The big head size of 658 cm² will make it easier for you to hit the ball in the centre of the racquet in order to enhance playability and optimise power thanks to the emphasised trampoline effect.

The balance of 34cm will allow you to accelerate the racquet head in order to hit an excellent amount of speed on the ball.

From the back of the court, this racquet will enable you to hit the ball nice and deep. This should satisfy players who enjoy hitting topspin thanks to the very versatile 16 X 20 string pattern.


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