Wilson PRO STAFF Precision 100 2024

This Pro Staff Precision 100 racquet, designed for the casual or beginner player, will provide a fantastic feel and comfort thanks to the BLX technology in the frame. The BLX technology in the frame provides light weight and improved stiffness for more power and less vibration when hitting.
The 305 grams of this racquet offers great stability on all shots to overwhelm your opponents.
The 32cm balance of this racquet will help with power and spin, while the 645cm² headsize provides the perfect balance of power and control.
The relatively versatile 16×19 string pattern will allow spin enthusiasts to vary their game to destabilize their opponents!
Its black design has been reworked and is now embellished with touches of white and red for an even greater elegance!

The understated design of this Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 racquet is reminiscent of the elegance of this line of racquets, which is a perfect match for its flagship player: Roger Federer. This is a versatile racquet that will suit the beginner as well as the occasional player looking for power without losing the precision in the strike.


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