Tecnifibre TFIT 290 2023

The TFIT tennis racket range is the ideal choice for regular players and occasional competitors. It has been designed to provide easy performance with maximum power, comfort and forgiveness. In this range, the TFIT 290 tennis racket is the best compromise between power and comfort. Its 100% graphite construction gives it lightness and responsiveness. The frame has been designed with Velocity Shaft Design technology to promote swing speed. Great comfort thanks to the Synergy Link, a PU insert all around the head which is in contact with the strings to absorb shock at ball impact. Its 645 cm² head and 16×19 string pattern promote stability and spin.

The aesthetic design is stylish, in a black/white combination with blue and red accents in the Tecnifibre colours.

Pre-strung as standard, it's the ideal ready-to-play performance racket.

The TFIT 290 tennis racket offers top performance in an affordable version.


מק"ט: TFIT_290 קטגוריה:


משקל (גרם): 290
אורך באינץ': 27
גודל ראש (sq): 100SQ
תרכובת: גרפיט
תבנית שזירה: 16x19
נקודת איזון: 32cm
יתרונות: עוצמה + נוחות
טכנולוגיות: READY TO PLAY