Tecnifibre TF-X1 305 V2 UNSTRUNG

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Maximum power and comfort with the TF-X1 305 tennis racket. To boost power, all the racket frames have been designed with rigid ergonomics so that they stay firm on impact for maximum energy return.

But the more rigid the frame, the more vibrations – which can be harmful for players' arms. Tecnifibre's unique solution: X-Damp, the technology developed with TecniLab, to reduce vibrations and provide maximum comfort.

How does it work? A steel part is inserted in an elastomer pocket in the handle which offsets the vibrations each time the ball is hit by absorbing them. The result: Arm-straining vibrations are reduced by 36%, with less muscle fatigue.

Frame ergonomics have been optimised with a rounded head and reinforced sections for more power and stability. And the Isoflex technology, which applies variable stiffness right the way around the head, expands the sweet spot for more tolerance on off-centre shots.

The TF-X1 305 racket, for regular players and competitors, still delivers on power thanks to its ergonomics, 305 g weight and 16×19 string pattern, but with more control thanks to its smaller head size, at 630 sq cm. The best choice for winning shots with maximum precision.

Combine power and comfort thanks to unique technology with the TF-X1 305


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משקל (גרם): 305
אורך באינץ': 27
גודל ראש (sq): 98SQ
תרכובת: גרפיט
תבנית שזירה: 16x19
נקודת איזון: 31.5cm
יתרונות: עוצמה + שליטה
טכנולוגיות: X-DAMP