Tecnifibre TEMPO 275

The Tempo 275 tennis racket has been designed specifically for women. It is perfectly suited for recreational players looking for a forgiving and easy-to-handle racquet.

The large head size of 680 square centimetres compensates for off-centre hits for more energy return.Power is generated through the optimized length of the racquet for more racquet head acceleration.

Pre-strung from the factory and with a feminine performance look, this is an affordable product that is ready to play.

The Tempo 275 tennis racket has been specially designed for women. It is the ideal compromise between forgiveness and manoeuvrability.


מק"ט: tempo_275 קטגוריה:


משקל (גרם): 275
אורך באינץ': 27
גודל ראש (sq): 105SQ
תרכובת: קומפוזיט
תבנית שזירה: 16x19
נקודת איזון: 33cm
יתרונות: ספין
טכנולוגיות: TEMPO SYSTEM