Head Tour Team Extreme 9R Supercombi

The TOUR TEAM EXTREME 9R SUPERCOMBI, which now comes in a new colorway matching HEAD's new EXTREME racquet series, is a stylish travel companion giving you the space you need on the road. You can comfortably fit up to nine racquets in the two spacious compartments. The additional inside mesh pocket and the outside pocket provide additional space for quick access, while the 2-way carry system lets you pick whether you want to flip the bag over your shoulder or onto your back for extra flexibility. The climate control technology CCT+ in one of the main compartments protects your racquets from higher temperatures.

The TOUR TEAM EXTREME 9R SUPERCOMBI, a sibling of the TOUR TEAM 9R SUPERCOMBI, matches the design of the new EXTREME racquet series and gives you a flexible setup and spacious compartments.

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