Head Gravity Team L 2023

Feel the force, and dominate any opponent, with the GRAVITY TEAM L, which has been upgraded with state-of-the-art Auxetic technology for sensational impact feel and enhanced playability. Created for aggressive next generation team players, this is the lightest racquet in the series but still has all the GRAVITY performance benefits, with the distinctive, rounded head shape and massive sweetspot offering control, flex and forgiveness. The Auxetic technology supplies greater feel and feedback on every shot, boosting your confidence as you swing a racquet endorsed by Alexander Zverev and Andrey Rublev. For an ultra-modern aesthetic that will turn heads, the signature GRAVITY flip design, with different colours on each side, has been refreshed with an asymmetric look.

The lightest racquet in the series, the GRAVITY TEAM L is perfect for aggressive, next generation team players, with its massive sweetspot and innovative Auxetic technology.


מק"ט: gravity_team_L_2023 קטגוריה:


משקל (גרם): 270
אורך באינץ': 27
גודל ראש (sq): 104SQ
תרכובת: גרפיט
תבנית שזירה: 16x20
נקודת איזון: 33.5cm
יתרונות: נק' סוויט ספוט מורחבת
טכנולוגיות: Auxetic
Graphene Inside
Sound Grommets
Flex Groove
Elliptical Beam